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IEF Projects

The IEF is committed to working with foundations and organisations around the world to help ensure that high quality protein is accessible to everybody.

Criteria for Success

  • Realized through partner projects, measurable increases in egg production and consumption in targeted developing countries, aiming towards the consumption of an egg per day.
  • Reducing protein deficiency.
  • Supporting and delivering training and educational sessions.
  • Partnership programmes that increase egg production and consumption.
  • Support a programme of supplying an egg with every vaccination and/or HIV treatment in target countries, where appropriate and synergistic with local health authorities.
  • Achieving sustainability in all egg production projects through eventual growth, profitability and commercialisation.
  • Potential programmes are assessed on the following criteria: strategic alignment to the IEF, programme partners, programme feasibility (positive and negative), impact (including volume of eggs), budget and timing and sustainability.


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