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The International Egg Foundation charity is governed by a constitution of Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO), with the only voting members being the charity trustees.

The management of the foundation is the responsibility of the trustees, who are the ultimate decision-making body and are overseen by the trustee Chairman.

The Board of Trustees hold bi-annual meetings to oversee and complete due diligence on prospective projects and ensure that all supported projects are operating within the IEF guidelines.

Meet the trustees

Tim is a founding trustee and current Chairman of the IEF. He is passionate about helping more people around the world access the incredible nutrition found in eggs and has led the Canadian egg industry through a period of unprecedented growth as Chief Executive Officer of Egg Farmers of Canada.

Steve is a highly successful international businessman and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience and expertise from within the egg industry. As an IEF trustee, Steve brings with him over 20 years knowledge of the global egg industry and has helped to develop the future direction of the IEF.

Carlos is a food sustainability professional with global experience that yields sound holistic knowledge in sustainable agriculture and livestock production. As a trustee of the IEF, Carlos is able to share his experience and expertise of sustainable food production from the ground up.

Julian is a founding trustee and Managing Director of the IEF. He is passionate about using the power of eggs to help those in need in areas of protein poverty. Before being involved with the IEF, Julian worked in South East Asia and in Southern Africa both on commercial and United Nations development projects.

From an early age, Bruce pursued a career on his family farm. Today, the farm ‘Centre Fresh Egg’ has multiple operations in Iowa as well as Mozambique. Bruce is therefore uniquely placed to offer expertise and experience in producing eggs in both developed and emerging nations.

Pierre-Marie Borne is a veterinarian, having graduated from the Lyon Veterinary School in 1988. He has experience of working with smallholder farmers in Africa and Asia, where he has provided expertise and assistance to develop local competencies, both commercially and through previous charitable roles.

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