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Trustlines Development Network

Chicken and Egg Project

The IEF partners with Trustlines Development Network, Inc., who manage and promote hands-on development projects by offering the resources and education to alleviate poverty.

In 2017, the IEF became a sponsor of the Chicken and Egg Project. Since then, the partnership has supported around 250 families in some of the most rural communities in Uganda, by providing them with the skills and resources to take care of their own chickens.

Through the Chicken and Egg Project, each child is given a hen, a rooster, starter feed, training and technical support. A local contact works with children to develop the skills necessary to care for hens and later manage a small business.

The project provides families with a sustainable source of protein and the opportunity to expand their efforts. A single hen providing over 150–200 eggs or chicks per year, and the eggs and poultry can also be sold to earn extra income.

This initiative has had an unparalleled impact on the lives of the children and families involved. A great example of this is a 9-year old boy who made enough money from selling eggs and chickens to pay for his school fees in a better school. His mother now plans to do the same for his younger brother.

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