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Providing opportunities through technology

The IEF believes in the ability for the latest technology to dramatically increase productivity levels within existing small- to medium-scale egg production businesses across multiple regions.

This includes accessing the latest layer genetic strains appropriate to each region, as well as support on correct feeding and appropriate housing facilities. The IEF works with a range of egg industry partners including Sanovo Technology, DMF, Hato Agricultural Lighting, Lohmann Breeders, CEVA Santé Animale and Big Dutchman.

New technology can also support the advancement of processing and extension of egg shelf life. To enable successful distribution and ease of access to children who have limited cooking fuel and facilities, all of the eggs used in the IEF distribution project are boiled in their shell using equipment donated and installed by Sanovo Technology. The egg boiling equipment was individually designed for this specific application and is solar powered, easy to operate and has a long design life.

Further technology has been applied by our partner DMF and Dr Fabien De Meester, to extend the shelf life of boiled eggs from several days to several weeks. This is achieved by adding the correct recipe of organic compounds during the boiling process, which seals the internal membrane of the egg just inside the shell, increasing the shelf life to between 30 and 60 days at 30°C in local conditions.

Our partner Hato Agricultural Lighting has also supplied important lighting technology to our layer project in Eswatini, enabling an improvement in layer health, well-being and performance.

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