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Fighting hunger one egg at a time

The end result of all our projects is the increased availability of high-quality protein in areas of nutritional need, by increasing the availability of eggs.

The IEF is proud to have worked alongside the charity Heart for Africa since 2015, directly supporting the charity’s Project Canaan, a sustainable farm and “whole of childhood” orphanage in Eswatini which also facilitates a nationwide intervention feeding programme.

In 2015, the IEF and its lead partner, Egg Farmers of Canada, built an egg farm from the ground up to provide a high-quality source of protein for the children in the orphanage and their carers.

In addition to helping the children who live there, the IEF supports Project Canaan with an egg distribution programme, which enables nutritionally vulnerable children in rural communities to have unique access to high-quality protein.

Find out more about Project Canaan.

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