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As it approaches its tenth anniversary, the International Egg Foundation (IEF) has announced Cassy Price as its new CEO and that it is now positioned for significant expansion, advancing egg consumption through sustainable production programmes in the developing world.


As a global charity, the IEF works to bring the power of the egg to thousands of people in the developing world, through supporting knowledge transfer, education, technology and entrepreneurship to help small-scale farmers become commercially viable.

A key driving force behind the IEF’s next chapter will be Cassy Price who has recently been appointed as its new CEO. Price has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the global egg industry having served the International Egg Commission as Chief Operating Officer. In 2021, she was appointed Executive Director of Programmes for the IEF.

Price says “Through the global egg industry, we have a fantastic opportunity to come together and increase our impact. Effective, sustainable commercial egg farming has the power to change lives - it cultivates prosperity and enhances food security and healthy outcomes.

“Over the last ten years, thanks to our trustees and supporters, we have been able to build an extremely solid foundation, making great progress on transformative projects. However, we are just scratching the surface – there is so much more to be achieved, and we are actively seeking support from more organisations and individuals who are keen to make a difference and work with us,” she added.

Since 2014, the charity has worked to increase egg production and consumption in developing countries, including projects in Eswatini, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, and now starting in Honduras.

Price adds “Our next focus is to significantly accelerate our impact through the creation of ‘egg hub’ business models which will sustainably increase egg consumption and support the entire value chain. Ensuring long term economic viability in all our egg production projects is the key.”

IEF Chair Tim Lambert added, “The International Egg Foundation is delighted that Cassy joins us as CEO. Not only does she have significant international experience, but she brings a level of passion, commitment and skill that will help take the Foundation to the next level.”

If you would like to discuss supporting the IEF, please contact Cassy@internationaleggfoundation.com or visit www.internationaleggfoundation.com

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