The IEF is proud to be working alongside the charity Heart for Africa, “educating a generation to re-build a nation”. The IEF is supporting Project Canaan, a sustainable farm and “whole of childhood” orphanage in Eswatini.

Egg processing

To enable successful distribution and ease of access to children who have limited fuel and cooking facilities, all of the eggs used in the distribution project are boiled in shell using equipment donated and installed by Sanovo Technology. The egg boiling equipment was individually designed for this specific application being solar powered, with ease of operation, long design life and simple operation.

In 2018 the Sanovo Group additionally provided chilling equipment for installation with their existing boiling machine. The 500 litre vessel has already proved to be a great asset in the process for extending the shelf-life of boiled eggs.

Extending shelf-life

Further technology has been applied by our partner DMF and Dr Fabien De Meester, to extend the shelf life of boiled eggs from several days to several weeks. This is achieved by use of the correct recipe of organic compounds being added during the boiling process, having the effect of sealing the internal membrane of the egg just inside the shell. This creates a seal around the egg taking shelf-life at 30 degrees Celsius in local conditions to between 30 and 60 days.

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