Improved Nutrition

Our vision is to use the nutritional, environmental, social and economic power of the egg to unlock human potential. With the mission to developing local knowledge, expertise and entrepreneurship in protein deficient populations, increasing the consumption and local production of high-quality protein through eggs.

Almost all of our projects have the end result of increasing the availability of high-quality protein through eggs in areas of nutritional need.

Children and staff at Project Canaan orphanage in eSwatini

The IEF is proud to be working alongside the charity Heart for Africa, 'educating a generation to re-build a nation'. The IEF is supporting Project Canaan, a sustainable farm and 'whole of childhood' orphanage in eSwatini. The IEF and its lead partner, Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC), have built an egg farm from the ground up to provide a high-quality source of protein for the children in the orphanage and their carers.

Our involvement includes support with providing the initial equipment and technology, ensuring a sustainable business model is maintained and then providing on-going training and education for Swazis regarding the production of eggs from the farm. This on-going support will ensure the sustainable, and a continual supply of eggs.

Egg distribution to rural communities in eSwatini

The IEF egg distribution project in eSwatini enables children in rural communities to have unique access to high-quality protein. Eggs from Project Canaan are distributed to a network of 32 feeding stations in some of the most remote and rural areas to children who otherwise have no access to high-quality protein.

To enable successful distribution and ease of access to children who have limited fuel and cooking facilities, all the eggs used in the distribution project are boiled in shell using equipment donated and installed by Sanovo Technology. We are now working on the latest techniques to extend the shelf life of boiled eggs from several days to several weeks.

5,748,750 eggs have been distributed through our intervention feeding project in eSwatini over the past three and a half years.

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