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The International Egg Foundation projects aim to improve nutrition through providing access to enhanced technology, supported by training and education programmes, with a view to encouraging entrepreneurship.


Egg training centres

Founded in 2007, Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre, Nampula, Mozambique equips students between the ages of 17 and 25 years old with business, agricultural and life skills. The students live on campus for two years and take part in practical training courses where they learn to grow crops, raise chickens and produce eggs. The development process offers students an opportunity to gain expertise while earning an income by caring for a small plot of land and tending to an egg operation.

The IEF is providing financial and technical support to Ebenezer Agricultural Centre, establishing practical egg production training courses. Ebenezer agricultural / leadership centre is part of the Communities of Fusion group which also includes academic school (Rapale International School).

Successful graduates from the egg programme at Ebenezer Centre receive a capital grant equal to half of the profit they generated on their egg production during their course and will also be well placed to take advantage od commercial contract production opportunities offered through Eggs or Africa and Mozambique Fresh Eggs.

Global egg school

Through a partnership with Lohmann, the IEF is providing an on-going series of travelling global egg schools each year in areas of need around the globe. Each egg school provides a 2 day technical course tailored specifically to the individual needs of the chosen area and participants. Course topics include improving bird health and feed efficiency, as well as implementing meaningful biosecurity programmes.

Dissemination of research

The IEF is woking with the International Egg Nutrition Centre (IENC) and other partners to assist with the dissemination and improved understanding of research related to increased egg consumption in populations with high starch diets. This is being achieved through a series of high profile presentations and seminars around the world.


Micro-business for children

The IEF partners with Trustlines Development Network, Inc. who manage and promote hands-on development projects by offering the resources and education to alleviate poverty. Through the Chicken and Egg Project within rural Uganda, each child (aged 6 to 12 years old) is given a hen, a rooster, starter feed, training and technical support. A local contact works with children to develop the skills necessary to care for hens and later manage a small business. The project provides families with a sustainable source of protein and the opportunity to expand their efforts; a single hen providing over 150–200 eggs or chicks per year, the eggs and poultry can also be sold to earn extra income.

During Trustlines annual trip to the Ugandan programme in December 2018, the IEF provided funding for the local purchase of an egg incubator; it is housed at Mirembe Progressive School Zirobwe, 32 miles north of Kampala.

The incubator provides hands-on learning for students and enables the coaching of chicken production and rearing skills. This in turn will lead to increased chicken and egg production allowing for a continuous supply of eggs and chickens for the community.

The IEF is privileged to be the main sponsor of the Trustlines Development Network Chicken & Egg Project; in 2017 we enabled 23 families to benefit from 315 eggs and 46 chickens, in 2018 we reached 98 families with an increase to 980 eggs and 196 chickens. The project provides the opportunity for the children to supplement their diet with nutritious eggs, whilst developing life skills with the possibly of earning an income later. Educating a village, one egg at a time.

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